Love CR0 protecting the Original Allders buidling from 1862, an iconic part of The Croydon Landscape.

I am honoured to be part of the @letsdolondonbetter campaign bringing positive change in communities. In partnership with Unibail – Rodamco – Westfield & Centrale & Whitgift.

The breif was to bring positive energy & I was working alongside some other amazing artists.

All the pieces are animated, scan the QR to see the hidden messages in my pieces.



Love CR0 is about reflections.

I believe reflections & representation are so important. If we don’t see ourselves represented that can cause deep rooted problems. representation Gives us of a sense of place, something to relate to.

How do we know we exist if we cannot see our refelection? For my piece I have tried to reflect some of the people in my community, Croydon.

The origins of Croydon, we’re talking hundreds of years ago, started as a safe haven for weary travelers going to and from the south coast & London. Of course it’s evolved since then but it’s still a safe haven for people starting a new life. Anyone is welcome and this is where our strength is, and why we have such rich cultures and talented people here.

I believe a strong sense of place can positively influence the physical, social and emotional health of individuals in the community.