The ‘American Dream’ pieces are an ongoing series on the theme of US corporate greed, cultural insensitivity and centuries of ethnic cleansing.  Some of these pieces will be on display and available to buy at my debut show at Matthews Yard, from 3rd August 2018.

The story of the Native American is well understood and the complicity of US government and capitalism is at the root of this story of genocide.  From the early years of land theft and forcible resettlement to the ethnic wars of massacre and institutional racism to the current attacks on sacred land and continued apartheid.

The results of centuries of mistreatment has marginalised The Native American in their own lands without a Mandela figure to bring them into the light.

I have synthesised these wrongs using the symbol of nationhood, the head-dress which has been appropriated and defiled by capitalism and turned into advertising hoardings – whores to advertising the final ignominy for the native American people.

All the pieces are made up from American currency and packaging, even the skins are made from McDonalds bags.