I was commissioned by the BBC’s Apprentice Winner Carina Lapore to create a mural for her and Lord Alan Sugar’s Bakery Dough bakehouse. 

Carina wanted a colourful explosion with a specific saying incorporated. 



It was a pleasure working with Dough. The piece was spray-paint, Acrylic, posca and gold leaf. 

Graffiti Workshops

Graffiti Workshops

Workshop setup

Bespoke Street Art & Graffiti Workshops for all ages

Get in contact if you are interested in having Alec run one of his bespoke workshops for your School, Office, Club or Establishment. These inclusive workshops are for all ages and abilities.

Workshops can be carried outside or inside with specialist spray cans.



“My daughter learned so much in just 45 minutes.”

“What a wonderful event for the whole family, Alec has inspired us all to get more creative.”

Cronx Brewery

Cronx Brewery

Commission for The Cronx Brewerys New Gaff in central Croydon @thecronxtap – Go grab a pint & have a butchers 71 Croydon High Street. 

  Mixed Media mural using spray paint, ink, acrylic & gold leaf.

Small subtle details such as hops incorporated requested by the client.

Illustrating the bespoke taps with gold leaf.

Flowing textures emulating my street art style.

I have been designing bespoke can art for the Cronx for several years. 

Can Art label design for ‘the lockdown lager’.

The Cronx Tap: “Absolutely privileged to have you do this piece for us.



Freckles WIP

Freckles through it’s many stages from original painting, NFT to wall mural.

An interview after completing Freckles

Freckles WIP Video




Freckles – Mixed media on wood. Spray paint, ink, gold leaf & pencil.

Work In progress of the mural.


Freckles WIP




School Environments

School Environments

I have worked on dozens of schools, specialising on murals inside and out. I am also a display specilaist and consultant achieving an ‘Excellent’ rating from Ofsted inspections, 

Contact me for a meeting:

We can work together to create a bespoke area turning the worse area in your school into the best.

Below is an example of a drab corner which I transformed into a stunning reading area, fostering the children’s imagination. It also has music and custom lighting.

The brief was a jungle area. All completed out of school hours not to effect the children’s learning. Faux Grass installed with bespoke upholstered tree bench.

Watch this video to see what the space looked like originally. 

Custom installed flooring and lighting to create an imursive area for your children. 

Contact me for a free of charge quote. 

Mural completed for The Krishna Avanti School in London.

“It looks incredible!! The Children loved it and what a great suprise.”

Lalita Sakhii – Principal

Croydon Stands Tall

Croydon Stands Tall

Homelessness is not a choice, but rather a journey that many find themselves in.

Art Trail and Alec’s Artwork:

Croydon Business Improvement District (BID), in partnership with creative producers Wild in Art, proudly presents the captivating ‘Croydon Stands Tall’ art trail, an unmissable 10-week experience from August 21st to October 27th. Transforming the streets of Croydon into an open-air gallery, the trail features over 30 majestic giant giraffe sculptures, each a unique canvas reflecting the creativity of local artists, schools, and communities. Among these remarkable creations, stands Alec’s giraffe sculpture for the charity Crisis & @centralewhitgift.

This @wildinart Croydon Stands Tall art trail will see dozens of giraffes hit the Croydon streets in August. The piece is called ‘Concrete Jungle’ takes inspiration from the town centre and Croydon’s green spaces. “The thing I love about Croydon most is its complex diversity, not just in its cultures, styles, food, music & ethnicities, but in its landscape & rich heritage, I wanted to represent the borough through a blend of the green of a jungle (as Croydon is one of London’s greenest boroughs) with the more commonly known citified, concrete landscape that dominates the centre. At the same time, it is a mixed-media, abstract eruption of vibrant colour and patterns celebrating the distinctive blend of people in Croydon”. All the money raised from the auctions of the giraffes will go to @crisis_uk to help combat homelessness in Croydon. This art trail is part of London’s borough of culture 2023.

Supporting a Worthy Cause

More than an artistic showcase, the ‘Croydon Stands Tall’ trail serves a greater purpose. Following weeks of admiration, exploration, and engagement, these stunning giraffe sculptures unite for a farewell weekend before embarking on a new journey. Through a special auction event, these artworks will find new homes while raising essential funds for Crisis Skylight Croydon. Crisis Skylight Croydon is dedicated to tackling homelessness and its underlying causes, providing vital support to those in need. By joining the ‘Croydon Stands Tall’ experience, you’re not only embracing the beauty of art but also contributing to meaningful change in the community.

Concrete Jungle has had some great coverage in the press. Being shown on The BBC and ITV as well as many newspapers.


Creating a Legacy

After being selected as one of the professional artists to represent the trail I wanted my students to have the experience to exhibit their art in a public space whilst also contributing to their community. A whole school inclusive project where every child submitted at-least one entry to represent our school in design and name. I chose the winner ‘Puzzle’ for the children to paint.

Over 500 fingerprints are represented on Puzzle’s base from all pupils and adults that attend the school 

I have teamed up with some young people to create their own giraffe.


After the success of our first Giraffe ‘Puzzle’ we are asked by Croydon Bid to create a second which we named ‘Tropicanta’ Please check out the Croydon Stands Tall App to find out more.

I look forward to working with Wild in Art again soon.