Wash your hands you DETTY pig

Wash your hands you DETTY pig

“Wash your hands you DETTY pig”

Yes please do.


Mixed Media Potrait in spray-paint, acrylic, paper, gold leaf & pencil.



No one is illegal on stolen land

No one is illegal on stolen land

‘The First People’ has just popped up on Park Street in Croydon opposite The Slug & lettuce.

Mixed media collage With spray paint, 24K Gold leaf, acrylic, ink & dollars (not real).

“I was born upon the prairie, where the wind blew free, and there was nothing to break the light of the sun. I was born where there were no enclosures, and where everything drew a free breath…I know every stream and every wood between the Rio Grande and the Arkansas. I have hunted over that country. I lived like my fathers before me, and like them, I lived happily.”

Ten Bears


Process of creating the original canvas.

Scribble NFT

Canvas available

Mixed media collage With spray paint, 24K Gold leaf, acrylic, ink & real American dollars.



Canvas available starting from £1500

One of the most exciting pieces of street art in Croydon

One of the most exciting pieces of street art in Croydon

  Proud to be featured again by The Croydon Advertiser, this time for my ‘Peace’ mural as one of the 11 of the most exciting pieces of Croydon street art. Based on an original collage entitled ‘Peace ‎‫سلام‬ ‘ the mural sitting outside Matthews Yard is the first piece of street art in Croydon that is gilded in 24 karat gold leaf. A second mixed media collage (£595) and a limited run of 30 hand finished prints in gold leaf (£15 each) will be available to purchase at my next show at Matthew’s Yard.
ISIS or whatever they call themselves, are they a true representation  of Islam? Are the Christian Extremists a true representation of Christianity? Or the Buddhist monks that literally committing genocide towards the Rohingyas right now in Burma a true representation of Buddhism? Is every Irishman in the IRA? No! There is not supposed to be terrorist tag attached to ONE particular religion. Everyone that commits an act of terror for a political or religious reason should be called a terrorist. The irresponsible media has resulted with Islamophobia behaviour trending and rising all around the world and it is alarming because people are fuelled by misguided emotion lead by unfair media coverage. I mean everyone’s allowed there point of view, growing up & living in Croydon all my life with all the different cultures here I still find it astounding that certain people are still ignorant enough to have the viewpoint they do, which is why I started Colourblind.
The American Dream Series

The American Dream Series

The ‘American Dream’ pieces are an ongoing series on the theme of US corporate greed, cultural insensitivity and centuries of ethnic cleansing.  Some of these pieces will be on display and available to buy at my debut show at Matthews Yard, from 3rd August 2018.

The story of the Native American is well understood and the complicity of US government and capitalism is at the root of this story of genocide.  From the early years of land theft and forcible resettlement to the ethnic wars of massacre and institutional racism to the current attacks on sacred land and continued apartheid.

The results of centuries of mistreatment has marginalised The Native American in their own lands without a Mandela figure to bring them into the light.

I have synthesised these wrongs using the symbol of nationhood, the head-dress which has been appropriated and defiled by capitalism and turned into advertising hoardings – whores to advertising the final ignominy for the native American people.

All the pieces are made up from American currency and packaging, even the skins are made from McDonalds bags.

Multiply – Living Free x Creative Debuts

Multiply – Living Free x Creative Debuts

This Thursday 4th May 2017 sees the Living Free Collective once again working along side Creative Debuts, to bring an eclectic range of artists together in one place.

This time the Living Free family is multiplying. Collaborating with an exhibition entitled Multiply. The idea like last year’s show is to share the Living Free experience. Growth and empowerment are at the heart of the Living Free spirit, to enforce the idea of collective action. The heart of resistance is community. That is exactly what Living Free embodies.

Sip drinks from the bar. Take a break and snap yourself in the photo booth or simply enjoy the music provided by the Living Free DJ’s. Living Free will also be providing a more in-depth analysis of all the work with a tour around the gallery. A chance to ask the artists a questions or to simply quiz what you’re experiencing.

Visit us at the Black & White Building in Shoreditch from 7:00pm – 10.30pm.

For more information, please visit our events page.